Traditional Cane Seating
Cane Chair Repair and Restoration in Scotland
Sara Trist
Cane Chair Restoration in Scotland - Sara Trist

6 Claremont Gdns

T: 0131 554 5867
Sara Trist specialises in the repair and restoration of hand woven chair seating in
split cane (rattan). She also re-seats chairs in Danish cord.

Based in Edinburgh, Sara has over 30 years experience of caning antique and
modern furniture. She hand weaves chair seats, backs and arms in the
traditional 6-way pattern and its variations, including double sided and blind caning.

She has worked for private individuals and trusts from all parts of Scotland, and
for public institutions, e.g. Holyrood Palace, the National Trust for Scotland,
the Signet Library in Edinburgh, and the Glasgow School of Art.

Each cane chair and settee is different, and the cost depends on its size and
complexity. Sara will be pleased to answer any questions you may have if
you contact her by phone, email or letter, and will give a quotation for
re-caning on seeing the chair.

If your chair needs to be repaired, glued up or completely
restored before re-seating, Alan Smart at is a skilled furniture
restorer who will estimate for the work.
Double sided rattan chair restoration. Cane chair restoration Scotland - Sara Trist.